Replacement Parts

Item Number Electrical Replacement Parts
DIRVF2/0-250BL 2-0 Power Cable
DIRVF2/0-250BL 2-0 Ground Cable
CL2038A 2-0 Copper Ring Lug (3/8″)
SS410 10″ Starter Solenoid Ground
B2194-23 Standard 23′ Corded Hand Held Control Box
B2194-31 Optional 31′ Corded Hand Held Control Box
DPDT Replacement Control Box Switch (Double Pull/Double Throw)
7MMMTSTDMFD Optional Dedicated Wireless Remote
B219423A Optional Wiring Harness for Wireless Remote
TC6F-X 6 Pin Trailer Plug
POL12-707 7 Pin RV Style Trailer Plug
ASCWH Complete Wire Harness
1DC63 350 AMP Fuse
1DK98 350 AMP Fuse Block
ACT-20 20 AMP Fuse
ACTSTDFH 20 AMP Fuse Block
6X286 Safety Switch (Snap Action)
NC3030 Protective Rubber Boot for Safety Switch
SPXDF1010kit SPX/Fenner Power Unit
SPXMF-4092 Motor w/solenoid)
SPXDF-PO Pump only
5022-AA Solenoid only
B481R 2″ Red Round Reflector
B481A 2″ Amber Round Reflector
M525 Halogen Work Light
VH550 Halogen Replacement Bulb
M150-3R ID Bar
MZ-435N-X Tag Light
M150R Clearance Retangler Red Side Marker light
B150-181 Red Side Marker Grommet
MZ431491X Red Side Marker Plug (3 Prong)
M415 4″ Round White (Back up) Light
MZ14249X 4″ Round White Light Plug (2 Prong)
M426R 4″ Round Red (Stop and Turn) Light
B426-18 4″ Round Grommet
MZ431491X 4″ Round Red Light Plug (3 Prong)
M305R Rectangular (Stop and Turn Headache Rack) Light
CEK1023146R 2″ Red Round Marker/ Clearnace Light
MZ431491X 2″ Red Round Marker/ Clearnace Light Plug (3 Prong)
MZ146AX 2″ Amber Round Marker Light
MZ14249x 2″ Amber Round Marker Light Plug (2 Prong)
MZ14618x 2″ Round Grommet
MZ421RX 2″x 6″ Red Oval (Tail/Turn/Stop) Light
MZ431491X 2″x 6″ Red Oval (Tail/Turn/Stop) Light Plug (3 Prong)
CEK1021 2″x 6″ White Oval (Back up) Light
CEK1021 2″x 6″ Oval Grommet
CEK1021 2″x 6″ White Oval (Back up) Plug (2 Prong)
CB10060 Tail Light Upgrade-complete
(from old style beds with Combination Stop/turn/back lights)


Item Number  Hydraulic Replacement Parts
AB1805 Shell Tellus T15 (color clear) available by the gallon or 5 gallon pail Beds Mfg before 9/25/08
(Very Low Viscosity, High pour point oil)
MD-111 Mercon/Dexron -III (color red) available by the gallon or 5 gallon pail Beds Mfg aftr 9/25/08 (Havoline Automatic Transmission Fluid)
10MF 10 Micron Filter
10MFH Filter Head
ZZFK Hose Kit
7000255HT Oil Tank Reservior
214-261 Arm Cylinders (2″x 6″)
218-097 Lift Cylinders (3″x 20″)
MCD-8805-MFD Cannonball Valve Block
SPC2-8 Piloted Check
02-200721 Relief Valve


Item Number  Structural Replacement Parts
CB10040 4″ Replacement Arm
CB10036 3″ Replacement Arm (Right)
CB10037 3″ Replacement Arm (Left)
100C650HCS5Z Arm Pivot Pins with Grease Zerk
100CNNE0Z 1″ nylon insert for the Pivot Pins
CB10031 Spinner Pairs (1-1/8″ shaft with Round Head)
CB10950 Spinner Pairs (1″ shaft with Paddle Shaped Head)
CB10119 Spinner Bushings (accommodates 1-1/8″ shaft)
KP0148Z Lynch Pin (5/16″ for Spinners)
CB10043 Deck Door (Large Access Door)
CB10046 Hitch Door (Small Access Door)
C6726 Rubber Straps
1802056 Hitch Ball (2-5/16″ 30,000# 1-1/2″shank)
1816 Bed Lock Down Bolts (5/8 -1-1/2 grade 8 frame bolt)
CB13249 Lock Down Handle
CB13222 Lock Down Hook
CBE83 Lock Down Spring
9900413 Lock Down Shear Pin(5/16″ x 4-1/2″ Grade 2)
CB13219 Lock Down Shear Pin Sleeve
CBE10818 Sub Frame Pins
murdock Sub Frame Lock Collars (1-1/16″)
CBE10119 Sub Frame Bushings with Grease Zerks
CB10058 6″ Sideboard Sets
CB10058A 6″ Single Sideboards (left or right)
CB10058B 6″ Spade Inserts
CB10632 Tag Plate
CB10821 Rear Deck Pins
CBE10116 Rear Deck Pin Bushings
CBE10116 Rear Deck Pin Bushings
AH43000ZN Zinc Grab Handles
RB210 2″x10″ Rubber Bumper
RB26 2″x 6″ Rubber Bumper
164019 Logo Mud Flaps (Narrow)
160430 Logo Mud Flaps (Wide)
161924DE Splash Guard Mud Flaps (Stubbies)
CB1334/RT25806 Bolt On Receiver Hitch
DES1001 Decal Set