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The Cannonball Bale bed is a specialty after-market steel bed manufactured to fit pickup trucks, to aid farmers and ranchers in the feeding process of livestock and the transport of large rounds of hay. The patented dump feature is unique to Cannonball.  The same hydraulic components operate both the arm function and the dump bed function, adding considerably to the versatility of this unit.   Considered by many to be the ultimate bale bed because of its feature rich design, ruggedly built components, ease of operation and competitive pricing.  A customer coined the phrase, “DO IT ALL WITH A CANNONBALL!” in 2002 and it has become our official motto.  For more detailed information please read on.

Six Available Sizes

SSN: 7′ wide x 7’8″ long
The SSN bed fits single wheel trucks with a short six foot bed. It has a 42″ cab to axle measurement.

SN: 7′ wide x 8’10” long
The SN bed fits single wheel trucks with a standard eight-foot bed. It has a 56″ cab to axle measurement.

LN: 7′ wide x 9’10” long
This bed fits a true cab and chassis ton truck with single wheels and a 60″ cab to axle measurement.

SW: 8′ wide x 8’10” long
This bed fits a dually bed truck. It has dual wheels and a 56″ cab to axle measurement. This is often called a bed delete truck. It has a bent (dog leg) frame as opposed to a straight cab and chassis frame.

LW: 7’8″ wide x 9’10” long
This bed fits a true cab and chassis ton truck with dual wheels and it has a 60″ cab to axle measurement. This truck comes from the factory without a bed. It has a straight frame.

LLWW: 8′ wide x 11’10” long
The bed fits dual wheel trucks with 84″ cab to axle measurement.

Standard Features

Standard Features
  • Electric-over-hydraulic Heavy duty 4 gpm power unit
  • LED Work lights that work on a switch in the cab
  • Tethered hand control
  • Additional set of stop/turn lights in the Headache rack
  • Heavy duty 2 x 4 x 3/16″ rounded bent tube headache rack with louvers  for stylish good looks and the ultimate in safety
  • 2-5/16″ 30,000 pound rated Hitch ball, recessed in the bed with door closure with one inch rise
  • H-frame stabilizer system
  • 1/8” tread plate floor with component access doors – no door hinges! Access door for all working components under the bed including fluid fill to 1/8”tread plate.
  • Mud flaps
  • LED running lights throughout the bed  a pair of resistors to accommodate the low voltage lights (no flashing of lights due to computer error)
  • Two 3 x 20 lift cylinders
  • Two 2 x 6  squeeze cylinders
  • 350 amp fuse and fuse block system
  • Grab handles on each side of the Headache rack
  • D-Ring Tie down rings on each side of the bed
  • Two part urethane paint for more durability and shine

Patented Dump Feature

Patented Dump Feature

Cannonball’s patented dump feature expands your capabilities to handle hay and dump materials from the comfort of your cab. There is no other unit on the market like it. Our patented feature permits the same hydraulic system to be used for both arm and dump functions. With our feature-rich bed you gain much more value for our dollar. Arm lift capacity is 2,850 pounds, and bed dump capacity is 6,000 pounds.

Independent Arm Action

Independent Arm Action

Cannonball uses two squeeze cylinders, rather than a phasing cylinder, for better squeeze and maneuverability. You can move the arms separately or in tandem for easier bale retrieval when stacked end to end. This also helps loading into a ring feeder, even if you don’t have a straight shot at it. Lift any size or shape – round, square, wide, or narrow. You can haul up to four 4′ rounds side by side with a dual wheel pickup. You can also squeeze a large 4′ by 8′ square bale end to end or from the side. Cannonball’s arm range of 3’6″ to 9’6″ enables you to grab small or misshapen items, too.

Free-Float Arm System

Free-Float Arm System

The free-float arm system allows you to unroll hay while maintaining full contact with the ground over rough terrain. This function helps to prevent skips and thick blankets of hay, allowing even distribution of feed and reducing waste.

Locking Valve System

Locking Valve System

Our unique locking valve stops arms from creeping out when carrying hay bales. And, unlike other units on the market, our design significantly limits truck frame stress.

No Need to Jack Trailers

No Need to Jack Trailers

Cannonball makes work easier and quicker in so many ways, especially hooking up your gooseneck trailer. Just raise the bed until the jack stand is off the ground, store the jack, lower the bed, and off you go. No more cranking!

Safety Features

Safety Features
  • Positive dump bed lock down mechanism for use while handling hay
  • Easy access to mechanical parts through large access doors
  • Safety stand 2’ x 1- ½ x 1- ½ x 11 gauge steel
  • Safety switch
  • Highly visible warning and caution decals
  • 350 amp fuse and block attached to truck frame
  • Heavy duty bent tube headache rack
  • Ability to easily bolt bed down to truck frame while towing or pulling trailers
  • Heavy duty 2 5/16th 30,0000 pound rated hitch ball
  • 23’ Tethered Hand held control pendant
  • Ruggedly built all steel construction
  • Grab handles on either side of the headache rack
  • D-ring tie downs

Optional Features and Accessories

Optional Features and Accessories
  • Removable side boards
  • Spinners for un-rolling hay
  • Underbody tool boxes
  • Bolt on 2” receiver hitch
  • PTO provisional power unit
  • Engine Driven power unit

Warranty and Replacement Parts

Cannonball Engineering has manufactured bale beds for many years with an excellent reputation for quality and workmanship.


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